Southern Utah - Top 3 Must See

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Southern Utah - Top 3 Must See - Let’s be real…summer is the BEST…especially when you are a kid or have kids. This is a time when we can sleep in a bit and have a more chilled schedule. I can still remember the feelings of excitement, anticipation, and pure wonder of what would and could happen as I walked out of school on that last day. As I became a teen, the emotions flooding my body on the last day of school shifted a bit to include some bittersweetness…feeling a bit of a loss knowing that I would not be seeing my friends or my crush every day. My daughter is now a teen…yeah…right…and she has made it very clear that the first week of summer break is for sleeping in and hanging with friends, specifically mentioning this time is not for adventuring with mom. OK got it. Does that mean that the rest of summer break IS for adventuring with MOM? This comment inspired her best grumpy… are kidding…right…lol. I must admit, the shift to teenage daughter vibe can be FUN, and planning some summer adventures that will check the boxes for both of us is TOP on my TO DO list. Circling back to the bittersweetness I felt as a teen as summer break approached, I find my current emotional state to be very similar. I love summer, BUT having to plan and coordinate all the nuances of life minus the school schedule is always bit overwhelming.

Insider's Guide: The Top of Utah

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How can you protect archaeological sites?

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You Have the Power to Protect the Past Archaeological sites — places where past people lived — are all around us here in Utah. Maybe you have even visited a few like McConkie Ranch or Nine Mile Canyon. Did you know that many of the ruins and artifacts here in Utah are more than 1,000 years old? And some are even older than that! These cool places are still here because people like you protected them! Archaeological sites are important to people in a lot of different ways. Some people like to visit them because they are fun and interesting, while others come to some sites for religious or traditional reasons. Ruins and artifacts can connect people to the past in deep ways, and we can be a force for good by keeping them safe as we visit.

Inclusiveness in the Outdoors - An Interview with Local Black Moms

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ADVENTURE TIPS: Inclusiveness in the Outdoors An Interview with Local Black Moms Publishers note: Last year in celebration of Mother’s Day, we met-up with a group of local moms at the Great Salt Lake Shoreland Preserve. The goal of our outing was to photograph some special mom moments and have a conversation with Black moms about time in the outdoors with their kids and some of their thoughts on raising the awareness of inclusion and diversity in the outdoors, especially when living in a state that is predominantly white. The outdoors and our public lands ARE for everyone to enjoy. It’s a place where I find solace and comfort. My hope is that WE can ALL welcome and encourage others to explore the outdoors and reap the benefits of being in nature.

Road Trippin' A Red Rock Winter Retreat

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When you think of a family winter retreat, what are the first images that come to mind? Is it the classic Norman Rockwell scenes with vintage sleds, ice skating, sipping hot chocolate, and the sounds of sleigh bells ringing on a horse drawn carriage? Or, is it swooshing down a nicely groomed slope or whooping it up in the deep powder at your favorite mountain resort, followed by fireside après ski treats? Thankfully, living in Utah means all of these are definite possibilities, and would create some epic family memories. But, for a uniquely UTAH winter retreat, consider a visit to red rock country. Here, the vibrantly colorful landscapes are magically covered with a white blanket of snow creating epic landscapes for exploring. Because this is the off season in red rock country, the opportunity for solitude and serenity abound.

How To: Dress For Success

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One of the biggest challenges when playing outdoors in the winter is knowing how to “dress for success.” Success, in this case, is keeping the kids cozy and dry, and everyone happy. Layer, Layer, Layer are the three most import aspects of dressing for successful winter adventures.

Fall Road Trippin’ in Southeastern Utah

Summer Road Trippin’ in Southeastern Utah By Monique Beeley Leaving the Wasatch Front in the rearview and heading south feels like taking a step away from the fast-paced action of the epicenter of our state and stepping into the soothing sights, the quieter sounds, and the surreal landscapes of the central and southern part of our state. One of the many things I love about Utah is the diversity of our landscapes and the recreational opportunities that each provide throughout the seasons. Fall is the time to heed the call to the red rock country that is primed and ready for adventure.

Road Trippin I-15

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Leaving the Wasatch Front in the rearview and heading south on 1-15 feels like taking a step away from the fast-paced action of the epicenter of our state and stepping into the soothing sights, the quieter sounds, and the surreal landscapes of the central and southern part of our state. One of the many things I love about Utah is the diversity of our landscapes and the recreational opportunities that each provide throughout the seasons. Summer is the time to heed the call to the red rock country that is primed and ready for adventure.

Glamping in Utah State Parks

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Have you been wanting to introduce your family to camping, but not sure where to start? And every time you start the “shopping list” for camping gear, and then do a research on the cost and options, you get quickly overwhelmed with everything that might be needed to personally enjoy those cozy campfire marshmallow roasting and epic starry night images that are plaguing your social media feed. And, to that add the thoughts of the time/money investment in something new that may not even be a fit for your family (chances of this are pretty slim). Yes, all of these thoughts are probably running rampant in your head.

A Wasatch Back Summercation

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Summer along the Wasatch back is nothing short of epic. It’s close enough for a quick weekend getaway yet far enough away to experience all the “feels” of a real Vaca’ The players along Wasatch Back may seem like an ordinary bunch...Park City, Kamas, Heber and Midway...but the recreational opportunities here are mighty, where you are bound to find something to please even the pickiest member of your crew.

Southern Utah Mountain Biking Round-up

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If you are heading south for some two-wheeled adventuring, be sure to check out these family-friendly beginner/intermediate trails. Many of these locations offer a “staked-loop” system, which is great for families who may not all ride at the same level. These new and popular trail systems offer multiple shorter loops, each at a different level, so everyone can ride at their own ability and then meet up back at the trailhead.

Arches...out of the Park

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Arches… out of the PARK (Arches National Park that is…) Utah is blessed with some of the best and most iconic landscapes in the United States, if not the whole world. Every year, millions of people travel from around the globe to capture a glimpse and just a few insta worthy images of these iconic natural wonders. Last year the visitation to Arches National Park hit an all-time high with 1.7 million visitors flocking to experience first-hand, the extraordinary and massive natural arches that are abundant within the boundaries of this bucket list destination. This park has the largest concentration of natural arches in the world at over 2,000.

Guided Adventure in Bluff

“Bluff…huh…where is Bluff?” was the reaction I got from my sister when I called to invite them on an adventure with us. My reply: “It’s two hours south of Moab, north of Monument Valley, and Bears Ears National Monument.” She replied, “Oh…Bears Ears…yes, I have heard of that area.” The small town of Bluff is located 330 miles south of Salt Lake City, 50 miles north-east of Monument Valley and has a population of about 300. If you haven’t been to this outdoor adventure-hub then you need to put it on your list ASAP. This small town really packs a punch for the outdoor enthusiast.

Backcountry Basics

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Backcountry Basics What does backcountry mean to you? Is it the areas that are only accessible by hiking or backpacking for several miles? Or, must you venture out on remote, super gnarly, high-clearance-only dirt roads? By definition, a backcountry area is a geographical region that is isolated, remote, undeveloped, and difficult to access. So the answers to the above questions are yes… but… there are plenty of backcountry areas in Utah that are fairly easy to access. And, thanks to the influence of social media, they are heavily visited by people who may not necessarily have the knowledge, skills, understanding, gear, etc. to be safe.

Insider's Guide to Brian Head

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Brian Head is Utah’s highest resort town, sitting at 9,600 feet in elevation. This tiny southern Utah town, with a population of less than 100 full-time residents, “packs a punch” when it comes to winter adventures, especially the family-friendly variety. Whether you are a mountain resort skiing/snowboarding family, or you prefer the solitude of Nordic skiing, or the fast-paced action of snowmobiling is more your speed, this winter destination has something for everyone. And, the best part of all, it is surrounded by the iconic red rock vistas of southern Utah, making this a winter destination like no other.

Insider's Guide - Winter in Heber Valley

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The mystical magic of the Heber Valley is extra extraordinary in the winter. Where else in Utah can you: swim in a geothermal crater; visit an ice castle; take a ride on a holiday-themed historic railroad; enjoy an old-fashioned horse-drawn carriage ride; take a zipline tour; go tubing at a 2002 Olympic venue; enjoy 200 miles of snow-covered groomed trails; meet the cows on a local dairy farm tour; take a snowmobile tour; go ice fishing; go ice skating, shop along the streets of a Swiss village; and then enjoy dinner at locally-owned farm-to-table restaurant? Wow, that’s a lot of options…way more than you can do in one trip. And the best part is that this destination is just a short drive (45 miles) from Salt Lake City.

Snow Safety 101 for the Family

When most people think about winter recreation in Utah, skiing will likely be the first thing that comes to mind…and for good reason. Quick, easy access to The Greatest Snow on Earth makes Utah one of the best ski destinations on the planet. But skiing isn’t the only way to enjoy Utah’s mountains in winter. Snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and sledding have always been popular wintertime activities, and more families are catching on to these outstanding, cost-effective winter sports that don’t require pricey lift tickets or as hefty of an investment in gear.

Family Ski Retreat

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A Family Ski Retreat - Beaver Mountain + Bear Lake Did you know that Utah is home to 15 mountain resorts and that they come in all different shapes and sizes? Everything can be found – from the largest resort in North America, aka Park City Mountain, to the oldest family-owned and operated ski resort in North America, Beaver Mountain, along with everything in-between.

A Red Rock New Years Eve

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A Red Rock New Year’s Eve Celebration Moab in the winter is nothing short of spectacular. The blanket of white snow covering the red rock landscapes is an epic sight that every Utahan needs to witness at least a few times. The weather in red rock country this time of year can be temperamental, like your two-year-old, so be sure to pack your sense of adventure along with a few extra layers of clothing for the family. Depending on the year, the winter temps in Moab can range from below zero at night to the 40-50s during the day and can change at the drop of a hat, so be sure to plan and pack accordingly.

Mountain Biking the Other Southern Utah

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When most people hear the phrase “mountain biking Southern Utah,” their mind’s eye probably envisions the incredible slickrock and desert mesa riding of Moab or the St. George/Hurricane area (or both). And rightly so; both areas are true mountain biking Meccas and have certainly earned that reputation. What many of those same folks probably don’t realize, however, is that world class singletrack in Southern Utah isn’t just limited to Moab & St. George – there’s a whole other Southern Utah that they’ve been driving right on by for years – and it has some of the most beautiful and diverse riding experiences in the state.