Bryce Canyon Winter Festival

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Feb 06, 2018

The Bryce Canyon Winter Festival at Ruby’s Inn is the perfect snowy getaway for families and friends alike. This annual event happens President’s Day weekend and last year I was fortunate to go for the first time with my family and friends. There were a variety of free events throughout the whole festival that suited everyone’s interests and needs. Everyday we’d wake up for an early start with the group yoga activity, giving us a jumpstart on the day…or some extra time to snooze for those who stayed in the hotel rooms at Ruby’s Inn. From there, a broad scope of activities was available to us. From Nordic skiing and indoor kayaking clinics, to photography and dancing, there were many options that could appeal to everyone. One of my favorites was the archery clinic, where professionals showed my friends and me how to properly shoot an arrow. We got bulls-eyes several times! I felt like a pro, although we were at close range for beginners. There were also cross-country/archery relay races going on while we were there that people could participate in. In fact, there were races set aside just for kids too. Often times we would split up so that the younger kids could do crafts or decorate cookies, while the older kids were doing things like learning how to kayak or make pottery. But usually we stuck together, doing things like renting cross country skis and playing in the snow; we enjoyed Bryce’s nature to its fullest! The contrast between the light snow and red rock made for absolutely gorgeous pictures and amazing views – especially above the canyon and at sunset. We went on hikes, snowshoed, and did many things outside of the Festival while we were there too. Many of my friends tried cross country skiing for their first time. One of my fondest memories was building a huge snowman with everyone while we were enjoying the sights and snowshoeing. After all these days of playing out in the snow and doing activities, we’d return to the hotel to soak in the hot tub and dive in the pool. We’d munch down on the hotel’s buffet or go out to eat, window shop at places like The Rock Shop, and play games like Slap Jack before crawling into bed. Each day rolled by in a mix of activities, relaxation, and fun. By the time our trip was over, we were already planning our stay for next year’s Winter Festival at Bryce Canyon.

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By Lauren Lengel - Teen Contributor

Lauren Lengel is a junior at Skyline High School in Salt Lake City. She loves skiing at Snowbird, camping, mountain biking, hiking, golf, and standup paddle-boarding.



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