Find Yourself – Retreat at Red Mountain Resort

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My sister was turning 50.  I pondered what we could do to celebrate this major life event.  Mom, sis and I had often traveled together and we wanted to have another excursion for the three of us to celebrate this special year.  We'd been to Hawaii and once on a cruise to Mexico.  This time however, since both my sister and I were short on vacation time, we wanted to experience something we could visit for a few days that was fun, relaxing and fairly close to all of us. I live in Utah, they're Californians.

Utah Ski Resorts Sizzle with Summer Fun

For many, summer vacation means heading to the beach, exploring southern Utah, going on a long road trip or checking out your local water park. What many summer vacationers don't think about are the endless options offered at Utah's 14 ski resorts during the summer season.

Adventures in the golden mountains of Utah

"Lean into your turn Mom!" my daughter yelled from behind as I soared through another smooth switchback! The golden fall leaves crackled under my tires as I tapped lightly on my brakes and easily coasted along.

My First (but not last) River Trip

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I gazed at the rapids, flowing quickly. Water was splashing against boulders and being thrown back. "Are you sure?" I asked. It was early August. Our family set out on a "girls only" two day raft trip ...

The Tour of Utah

Girl's Night Out – Southern Utah Style

First-time Adventures in Moab

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"Hurry Up and Get Ready," I shouted to Forrest. "Make sure you bring hiking, paddling and climbing stuff – do you have everything?" Another trip, but not our normal set of gear. Forrest Shearer is a professional snowboarder and I am a professional skier. We travel the world for the best powder and terrain– from Alaska to New Zealand. We thought we'd seen it all…until it came time to explore a destination close to home, Moab, Utah.

The River Rats Gather to Dance

Babes n Bikes in the Backcountry

Logan, the American Salzburg

Capitol Reef National Park - Ladies Retreat

Luxury or Adventure? Take Your Pick.