San Rafael Country

Welcome to Utah's San Rafael Country (Emery County), home of the San Rafael Swell filled with color and contrast: From majestic snow-capped peaks to desolate desert badlands, from Native American rock art to dinosaur fossils, from sinuous canyon gorges winding a thousand feet below you to awe-inspiring buttes and mesas towering thousands of feet above you.

San Rafael Country (SRC) has it all... well, everything but crowds and traffic jams. Heck, SRC is bigger than Delaware and Rhode Island combined and still has not one single traffic light.

SRC is blessed with areas so magnificently scenic that they rival in beauty to Utah's famous National Parks. SRC's fantastic scenic variety, friendly locals, affordable lodging & restaurants, four State Parks, and best of all, NO CROWDS! Sure, you'll see other people. In fact, you might see a few dozen vehicles during the peak season.

If you're one of those people who's tired of taking a vacation elbow-to-elbow with thousands of visitors and if you're looking for a vacation experience that is getting harder and harder to find? Then get off the beaten path... we're closer than you think.

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