Dinosaur National Monument

 Dinosaur National Monument

For dinosaur aficionados, Utah is loaded with an abundant supply of prehistoric sites and fossils. With the quarries and the unique rock formations, there are plenty of opportunities to understand the history and environmental factors that changed life over time.

One such opportunity lies in the northeast corner of the state. Dinosaur National Monument and Quarry – “Wall of Bones” is located 20 miles east of Vernal. The magnificent dinosaur bone display is in the Quarry Exhibit Wall. There you will find fossil remains of Allosaurus, Abydosaurus, Stegosaurus, Diplodicus, and various other sauropods – commonly found here during the late Jurassic period.  The newly remodeled and retrofitted Exhibit Hall “Wall of Bones” reopened in the fall of 2011 and is an up-close glimpse of a rare and preserved sandy river bed embedded with over 1,500 bones – a true science lab for everyone to enjoy.

The monument was created in 1915 with 80 acres with only the quarry being protected. A wilderness proclamation was signed in 1938 to include over 210,000 acres recognizing the much larger scenic, ecological and cultural landscape. Adventures in the park include whitewater rafting on the Green and Yampa rivers, the drive-through “The Tour of the Tilted Rocks” and the spectacular summer night sky guided programs near the Split Mountain Campground. The rugged terrain and vast wilderness provide excellent hiking and camping. Visitors can discover Native American rock art, homesteader cabins, early 20th century ranches, remote canyons, and windswept peaks. Most easily accessible by car, there are other areas that may require extended hikes or river trips.