Canyonlands National Park

Utah is home to five spectacular and diverse national parks. The largest, at a massive 337,570 acres, is Canyonlands, an immense wilderness of rock at the heart of the Colorado Plateau. Water and gravity have been the prime architects of this land, cutting flat layers of sedimentary rock into hundreds of colorful canyons, mesas, buttes, fins, arches and spires. At center stage are two great canyons carved by the Green and Colorado rivers that have their confluence in the heart of the park, Cataract Canyon. Surrounding the rivers are three vast regions: Island in the Sky, the Maze and the Needles. Although unique to themselves, the three share a common primitive spirit and wild desert atmosphere. Each also offers its own special rewards. Throughout its 527 square miles roam desert bighorn sheep, coyotes and many other species native to this land.  Canyonlands remains untrammeled today. Its roads are mostly unpaved, its trails primitive, its rivers free-flowing.  Canyonlands is wild America.

But it is also one of the country’s premier recreation playgrounds.

Today, those seeking a true backcountry adventure can enjoy Canyonlands with experienced guide services. Name your pleasure, mountain biking, river running, yoga, backpacking, jet boating, hiking, rock climbing, hot air ballooning or 4WD trips and a company is available to lead you safely into and out of this fascinating wilderness.

Gateway Communities


Green River: